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Orto 2000 – Verona

AVE presents practical solutions for the management, energy enhancement and creation of safe and reliable electrical systems. Its proposals cover all environments, not only residential but also hotels, industrial and commercial facilities.

With a catalogue that counts a section entirely dedicated to boxes, storage units and control units, AVE offers solutions for any type of Client, confident that its proposals meet the highest quality standards and legal requirements. We find such an example in the farm ORTO 2000 that has AVE’s wall-mounted electrical switchboards. Available in seven versions, with 6-72 DIN modules and various degrees of protection (IP40, IP55 and IP65), these devices ensure high grade mechanical resistance and technical features that facilitate assembly and cabling for the installer.

AVE’s wall-mounted electrical switchboards present technical characteristics that make them exceptionally long lasting and resistant. These products are, in fact, designed to resist a wide range of environmental conditions, ensuring, depending on the cases, a high degree of protection against impact, climatic changes, humidity and dust. This is why ORTO 2000 has relied on AVE, the ideal partner for the creation of every type of high quality electrical and electronic quality system.