Touch Screen domotica AVE DOMINA plus con placca in vetro Sensore AVE Domus 100 Sensore AVE alla Torre Skyline di Cosenza Referenza AVE Torre Skyline di Cosenza - Esterno Campanello Ave Touch con placca personalizzata in vetro Supervisore domotico touch screen AVE

Skyline Torre Skyline – Cosenza

With its 21 floors above ground in cement and glass, Skyline Tower is one of the most avant-garde structures among residential skyscrapers, strictly complying with the highest energy standards. If, from outdoors, the building looks like a series of mutually intersecting surfaces, on the inside the skyscraper fully reveals its residential core.

Ave home automation maintains very high standards in apartments in the Tower, in Cosenza, endowing houses with the best comfort and functional features. Completely adaptable to the needs of the user, the Domina Plus system allows tenants to control their home independently, avoiding wastage and guaranteeing contact with the user wherever he is, by means of simple applications for Smartphone and tablet. By adopting the Wiring Accessories Series DOMUS 44, the Skyline Tower does not renounce elegance. Clear white Touch front plates turn every room into a precious functional control point and furnishing element.

With Ave, the Skyline Tower of Cosenza converged style and functional features: the best way to meet the needs of the the most demanding tenants.