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Fairs and Expo

MADE EXPO 2013 – Rho (MI)

AVE S.p.A. participates in leading trade fairs both in Italy and abroad every year. The innovations implemented are displayed on such occasions.

A clear example was provided by the MADE 2013 edition that presented a series of patented solutions, which have reduced, and still diminish, the ecological impact of the electrical system.

In fact, Ave has stood apart for the use of materials with a low environmental impact that protect the habitat. Likewise, system components and technological systems applied by the ECOAVE segment favour the reduction in the energy expenditure of the building.

Hence, like the previous ones, even the anti-wind solutions are certified and belong to the ECOAVE system by marginalising the dissipation of heat near switches and power outlets on walls facing outdoors.

By integrating with the advanced home automation system DominaPlus, the Controlled Mechanical Ventilation also allows automatic management of air exchange, using them only where required. Ave: a glance to the future and to the environment.