ThE BaR - AVE partner Interruttori AVE Young Touch a ThE BaR

ThE BaR – Milan

ThE BaR is not a mere meeting venue but the manifesto of a new way of designing architecture, in Milan, focused on achieving urban transformation and on creating intensive relations in the Ventura-Lambrate district.

Famous architect Simone Micheli, who acted as General Coordinator and supervised the architectural plan for the interiors, besides the lighting project, chose AVE for the control points located in the halls of ThE BaR. Presented at the Fuorisalone 2016 by exploiting augmented reality, ThE BaR actually took shape during the subsequent months, becoming a neuralgic point in the Milanese district today. The enveloping interior geometries of ThE BaR welcome the guest in an alternation of images and colourful triangular modules, in a dynamic game of reflections and spatial effects.

In this context Simone Micheli has inserted the revolutionary Young Touch front plates by AVE, a visible element of an avant-garde control point that elegantly covers the “touch” technology integrated by Ave Touch controls. Precious, modern and ultra flat solutions made of very high quality technopolymer, which make this technology accessible by ensuring simple, linear and pure aesthetics.

The colour chosen by Simone Micheli for ThE BaR, from the 15 colour variants, is white. The Young Touch front plates can thus perfectly merge with the elements of the Wiring Accessories Series Domus Touch, such as, for example, the power outlets, offering a versatile solution that is fine-tuned with the rest of the electrical system. An innovative feature of the Young Touch front plates is also 3D perception. Despite leaving the ultra flat design unchanged, the transparent body that wraps the plate enhances visibility of the control point, turning it into a genuine element of integrated furnishing, as in the case of ThE BaR.

The partnership between AVE and Simone Micheli has achieved an important goal after prestigious projects, such as the recent Barcelò Milan Hotel. ThE BaR is an ethical and intelligent project, a social venue in Milan, to get together and be surrounded by the geometries of interiors designed by Micheli, and to charmed by the technological appearance of the modern Young Touch front plates by AVE.