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Villa – Concesio (BS)

Home automation and design become the emblems of this Italian villa of Brescia, a house that has turned into a real technological jewel through the innovative AVE solutions.

Distinctive elements are the wide and elegant home automation touch screens TS05 (with 15 “display) and TS03 (with 5.7″ display). Both “framed” inside precious black glass front plates, these devices together constitute the hi-tech soul of this villa, allowing the management of all automations (lights, temperature control, roller shutters, pedestrian gate, external power outlet, etc.) and the various scenarios configured in the system. The same automations can also be recalled through the touch switches, declined both in the version with a Vera Touch glass front plate and in the Young Touch version with a techno-polymer plate.

To crown a well-kept project, there are the revolutionary black glass AVE New Style 44 concepts with toggle switches, also present in the modular Tekla 44 version combined with the ultra-thin Young 44 plates.