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House – Bologna

Ave Touch technology is able to give a new way of controlling the lights or, as in this Italian example, the whole house if combined with DOMINA Smart IoT home automation. It’s an advanced and complete system that allows the management of various functions (temperature, shutters, sound system, ventilation…); all in combination with remote controls via app and voice commands. Each function can also be reachable from various points of the house, enhanced in this home through touch technology.

Thus, the Ave Touch switches are set within the walls, hidden behind elegant ultra-thin front plates in natural brushed aluminium that is distinguished by a horizontal black band that you just have to touch in order to manage the various automations. In fact, it’s sufficient to place or approach the finger near the LEDs that identify the commands to interact with the relative functions. The modular multi-touch solution allows you to manage up to six independent and customizable controls and so various home automation components. Thanks to its delicate white tone, AVE Domus 100 wiring accessories series fits into the points of lesser visibility, offering reliability and functionality for system completion.

AVE also affixes its signature to the anti-intrusion system of this house, governed by a hi-tech control unit with PSTN telephone dialer, touch screen keyboard and integrated voice guidance, which provides information to both the installer and the end user.

This house in Bologna is an example of the modern possibilities offered by AVE today, where technological and aesthetic innovation go hand in hand with safety to create smart homes suitable for every style and need.