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Villa – Montorso Vicentino (VI)

This elegant Italian smart villa relies on AVE DOMINA Smart IoT system to meet the technological needs of its inhabitants; it’s a solution capable of concentrating home automation, video intercom and anti-intrusion systems combining them with remote control and voice commands.

Characterized by refined design, the AVE home automation touch screen supervisors present themselves as command and monitoring centers for the entire villa. Distinguished by a 15″ display, the TS05 device is able to manage all the functions installed, offering the user an interactive navigation of the different environments; the 4.3” mini-touch screens TS01 are positioned in the different rooms of the house to offer additional control and monitoring stations.

In this villa also the smart video intercom system is the protagonist thanks to the “Villa” external unit with bi-material design in aluminum and glass, and to the “Viva-Voce” internal units, innovative solutions with 10″ touch screen display, able to perform, in addition to the normal video intercom functions, also the monitoring of IP cameras and the supervision of the DOMINA technological systems.

The system is further enhanced by anti-intrusion control units with touch screen keypad and elegant control solutions that embellish the visible part of the system. The Multi-Touch devices stand out enhancing contact with the smart home thanks to the immediacy of the touch control and the elegance of their white glass surfaces. A cutting-edge solution that crowns a project of high technological value.