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Fuorisalone 2022 – Milan


A synergistic and all-encompassing experience connected to the near future thanks to AVE design and technology. Thus, the Fuorisalone 2022 unveiled the AVE innovation dedicated to hospitality, within the exhibitions created by the famous architect Simone Micheli.

Hotel Regeneration – the most engaging exhibition for the contract at the Fuorisalone – has welcomed Hybrid Restaurant, a fluid container of events and performances where Simone Micheli has staged a new way of conceiving places of conviviality, a fluid Temporary Restaurant to find a connection between food and design.

In this context, AVE products for hotel management have revealed the modern possibilities offered by technology, with revolutionary command and control concepts, where quality, innovation and aesthetics interact to enhance the smart features of the hotel.

The photographs on this page were made by Juergen Eheim.