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Apartment – Milan

The pure simple lines of the apartment in Milan mirror a contemporary lifestyle that does not renounce either elegance or functional features.

Consistently with this trend, the living room sheds all colours and presents a “total white” look where colour only steps in to play with the furnishing elements, such as the sofa and the chandelier. In this apartment the Ave Touch Series merges with a minimalist design, perfectly fitting into the architectural style and always maintaining visible functions. Both floor and ceiling disappear by absorbing the transparencies of glass to lighten spaces.

By playing with the hollow control points on the walls, even the bedroom becomes a mirror of contemporary elegance that fully embraces a cosy and almost primitive material, such as wood. In this fascinating contrast with the living room, nightfall creates mellow spaces, whose precious features are enhanced by wall-lined touch front plates that, with their LED backlighting, become furnishing elements.