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Dwelling – Bologna

Modernity and technology govern this splendid dwelling in Bologna, which relies on AVE touch switches to provide an informal contact with the environments and devices.

Characterised by linear, ultra-thin and minimalist aesthetics, the innovative AVE Multi-Touch front plates give this home a marked hi-tech imprint. Simply by touching the clear absolute black glass surface of the front plates, you can control the lights, adjust the light intensity of the dimmer elements or manage the motorized shutters. Each plate allows you to manage up to six independent commands, each of them is identified by a luminous symbol, customized to suggest the combined function and indicate to the finger the exact point to touch. In addition to making the switches identifiable even in the dark, the LED backlight with multi-colour status signalling, always returns the certainty of the command, acting as a further added value for the overall design of this house.

The electrical system is completed with the black elements of Life 44 wiring accessories series: sockets and thermostats are inserted inside the elegant Vera 44 front plates in clear absolute black glass that take up the aesthetics of Multi-Touch keyboards and crown the accurate interior design project.