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Nursing Home Sereni Orizzonti “Paolino Zucchini” – Pasian di Prato (UD)

The Sereni Orizzonti “Paolino Zucchini” nursing home for elderly people is a state-of-the-art inpatient facility, which adopts the advanced AVE home automation call system, an extension of the DOMINA plus system that allows the management and monitoring of calls from the various areas or departments.

The system foresees that each of these departments is monitored with distributed logic through the DOMINA plus Touch Screen TS01. In an autonomous way this supervises the connected peripherals (those of the department) signaling any anomaly, the alarm and recognition. The area is therefore monitored and managed by a local supervisor who constantly checks the correct operation of the home automation modules connected to it, signaling acoustically and visually any anomalies and/or calls.

To complete the home automation system of the Sereni Orizzonti “Paolino Zucchini” nursing home of Pasian di Prato, AVE Domus 100 series wiring accessories have been inserted inside the modern Young 44 front plates, that are personalized with the name and logo of the residence, and the sought-after Vera 44 glass plates and the sophisticated Technopolymer 44 plates. A touch of class for a cutting-edge technology.