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Architecture Studio – Torre Kennedy, Brescia

The Brescia studio of the famous architect Emanuele Vergine exhibits AVE design and technology to make unique and exclusive his work space. Conceived as a large and bright open space, this environment relies on Ave Touch technology to give a new and informal contact with the switch.

Identified as custom and backlit symbols, the controls on the Vera Touch glass front plates allow to manage the evolved lighting system in a practical and exclusive way. It’s in fact sufficient a simple touch in correspondence of the LEDs to manage the lights and the connected devices.

In this space, the multi-touch versions have also been included, crowning a top-level system. These devices allow to manage up to six independent commands for each light point, which is so embellished with a valuable solution as well as the doorbell, also in the very original Ave Touch variant with Vera Touch front plate in absolute black glass with nameplate.