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Pastry-Bar Milleluci – Ventimiglia (IM)

The modern Young Touch front plates by AVE have been installed in Pastry-Bar Milleluci, Ventimiglia, in the province of Imperia, to control the lighting system. An innovative proposal for enhanced accessible design features.

Indeed, with Young Touch the touch technology becomes part of daily routine and customisable. The technopolyer, interpreted by AVE, is developed in a range of innovative finishes that counts 15 colour variants. For Pastry-Bar Milleluci the owner chose the version Onice 3D to make the control points genuine integrated furnishing elements underscored by exclusive 3D effects. While maintaining the ultra thin design, which distinguishes the whole Young Touch range with a revolutionary treatment called “3D color”, front plates gain visibility and adorn the halls of Pastry-Bar Milleluci with unique aesthetic features. To complete the system, the Young range is also available in the traditional version with switches placed inside the finish plate. At Pastry-Bar Milleluci, Ventimiglia, Young Touch front plates were been installed in high visibility areas, while the other accessory elements of the system, such as white power outlets of the Wiring Accessories Series Domus Touch, are surrounded by the classic Young front plates. Young Touch by AVE enters Pastry-Bar Milleluci offering a revolutionary control system for the sophisticated lighting engineering system installed in the facility. A mere touch suffices to control the lights. Young Touch: design and original features.