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Business law firm Maiorino Sessa – Nocera Superiore (SA)

The business law firm Maiorino Sessa of Nocera Superiore (SA) welcome the innovative AVE video intercom solutions through the elegant “Villaexternal audio-video unit, that boasts an aluminium and glass design with Sensitive Touch front plate, and the innovative “Viva-Voce” internal unit.

In particular, this last device stands out thanks to its large and distinctive 10″ touch screen display and the technological aim where it’s conceived: it’s a highly advanced device capable of performing, in addition to the video door entry functions, also the monitoring of IP cameras and the supervision of AVE home automation and anti-intrusion.

Perfectly coordinated with the aesthetics of the video intercom proposal, the AVE Multi Touch modules further embellish the system, offering six independent controls for each device, accompanied by the AVE home automation accessories, like control devices and thermostats, that are also connected to the overall project in combination with the refined Vera 44 front plates in clear absolute black glass.