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Villa – San Lazzaro di Sàvena (BO)

Flaunting a sumptuous exterior, on stepping through the large entrance door at Villa San Lazzaro guests perceive a new spirit, the outcome of carefully studied and targeted renovations that do not disrupt the heart of this facility.  Like insightful glances into the past, bricks and stone have been artfully left visible, while the residence presents modern lines. From bronze chandeliers to sliding doors, passing through minimalist furnishings, the move to the present has not forgotten the past. The parquet floor with its light hues underscores the warm character of this villa, a personality that becomes more dynamic through the bioethanol chimney place. This detail defines the intimate luxury of this home.

By exploiting the Wiring Accessories Series DOMUS 100 and ALLUMIA 44 by Ave, the architect who performed the renovations has made a gentle transition to a modern style.

Hence, almost like a meeting, the clear white Touch and Vera front plates adapt both to the ancient look of the bathroom’s mosaic tiles and to the new and almost casual image projected by the sack armchairs. The multiple solutions that Ave can propose define almost every detail, making renovations a mere matter of taste based on customization.