Referenza AVE Touch - Appartamento di Rimini Interruttori Ave Touch bianchi con placca in vetro Interruttori touch a filo-muro AVE Punto luce filo-muro AVE

Apartment – Rimini

The apartment in Rimini presents contemporary features. Practical and ready for daily routine use, it features sober hues and basic furnishings. The Wiring Accessories Series DOMUS 44 by Ave is installed in this residence. By choosing the clear Vera Touch front plates , the owners adopted pure lines that adapt to all types of interior décor, while maintaing a stylish touch. With Ave front plates the trendy white hue, which has returned to the limelight in recent years as a technological and furnishing must, adorns the walls with refined details.

The practical features of the touch front plates allows the user to establish casual contact with the switch and to enhance the house with a modern look.  Assuredly impressive with guests, the clear white finishes adapt to every room and every use. In the bathroom, in the box room or in the kitchen, switches are always visible as a result of LED backlighting that creates a sophisticated futuristic touch. The choice of Ave has made the apartment in Rimini a place for daily living, a house that, without excesses, stands apart for its sober elegance.