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Villa – Scalea (CS)

This Villa of Scalea stands surrounded by vegetation. This luxury residence adopts architectural solutions that adorn the facility with almost monumental elegance without impairing the surrounding view. The contrast with the landscape is mitigated by using mostly wood, while large windows along the external walls lighten the shape and overlook the adjacent olive grove.

The owners have adopted Ave’s sophisticated DOMINA plus automation system to ensure safety and management of this large villa in order to easily supervise both outdoor and indoor areas. The functional Touch Screen panel is designed to easily manage every room, creating endless options to design the preferred environment. The soft round lines of the Wiring Accessories Series DOMUS 44 combined with clear white Vera touch front plates perfectly merge into the basic furnishings and into the vintage sinuous traits of the 1950s’ style domestic appliances.

Ave, luxury solutions to stand out without renouncing the practical benefits of technology.