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Apartment – Madesimo (SO)

Designed for those who demand comfort even when they take a break from daily routine. The apartment in Madesimo is a demonstration of a holiday home where one can relax and experience Ave’s solutions in terms of design and automation. With Ave Touch 44 every wall becomes an overall synergy, creating a warm and cosy environment, a house dedicated to self, where one feels free to spend a weekend far from traffic or Christmas holidays on the snow. Imagine having to prepare your weekend home: with Ave’s home automation solutions it has never been easier. Before leaving, you can use the dedicated application to directly set the temperature desired at the time of arrival, or to choose the background song you wish to hear as a welcome.

The apartment in Sondrio is an example of a house projected towards the landscape and towards people, a place where you wake up and enjoy a leisurely breakfast before setting off for the ski slopes, or where you might decide to enjoy the domestic intimacy, pampered by the snow and by the practical features of Ave’s automation. This house will always be in contact with the owners even after their departure. Remote management ensures full control of the house, wherever you are, allowing you to switch off the lights and disconnect water and gas utilities directly from your Smartphone. The apartment in Madesimo is not a common chalet. Ave has turned it into an experience away from the city, with friends and family.