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Commercial Features

Commercial data

Code EAN13: 8008379161881
Standard packing: 1,00
Minimum packaging: 1,00
Code EAN13 min.pck.: 8008379161881
Length min.pck.: 445,00
Width min.pck.: 590,00
Height min.pck.: 145,00
Volume min.pck.: 38,06
Weight min.pck.: 3430,00
Quantity min. order: 1,00
Product status: In Stock

Safety instructions

Safety instructions:
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Technical data ETIM

Technical data ETIM

With memory function: No
Number of indoor stations:
Number of outdoor stations: 1
Colour indoor station:
Hands free: Si
Installation technique:
With video: Si
With info sign: Si
Colour outdoor station:
Picture system:
Hearing aid compatible: No
Screen diagonal (inch): 7
Zoom, pan/tilt function: No
Manual adjustable camera: Si
Mounting method indoor station:
Mounting method outdoor station:
Material outdoor station:
Expandable to max. number of indoor stations: 128
Expandable to max. number of outdoor stations: 3
Can be connected to smartphone: No
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Last update: 02-08-2023

AVE reserves the right to modify the characteristics of the products shown at any time and without notice. The installation must be carried out by qualified personnel in compliance with the provisions governing the installation of electrical equipment in force in the country where the products are installed. For the conditions of use of the information on the product sheet see conditions of use.

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